Locks for Trailers and Container

Anti-theft security lock for trucks, semi-trailers and containers.

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Safety lock PTR-308

Price €104.91

Anti-theft security locking system for trucks, refrigerated semi-trailers, isotherms or closed boxes, either for urban distribution or double door TIR with double bars.

Availability: 92 In Stock

Safety lock PTR-408

Price €109.02

Robust anti-theft security locking system for trucks, semi-trailers Refrigerators, Isotherms or closed boxes for transport, with double doors and double bars.

Availability: 88 In Stock

Closing container CTM-508

Price €118.82

Anti-theft security lock made especially for trailers or containers that bar the most approximate. Then there is less distance between the bar and the door.

Availability: 97 In Stock

Trapdoor Closure

Price €81.31

Simple system where there is little invent, consists of two pieces, one of which is held on the side of the box by screws, the other piece that makes the block of the trapdoor  is adjustable.

Availability: 99 In Stock

Closure Chassis

Price €203.76

Robust, compact and reliable safety lock, consists of a stainless steel body of two pieces, one of which is fixed to the vehicle's chassis by welding, the other piece is fixed to the right door (or the one that first opens) by screws with round head.

Availability: 97 In Stock

Launch Closure

Price €99.46

It consists of two parts, head with key and bolt or shaft that enters the hook hole, when the trailer is disengaged is placed in the hook hole preventing it can be hooked.

Availability: 99 In Stock

PTR 17-23

Price €104.91

Similar to all PTR models but with a measure for bars removers with new distances between them 17 minimum 23 maximum. Manufactured in Stainless Steel AISI 304.

Availability: 98 In Stock
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