This type of security lock is in particular for trailer of the brand LAMBERET and especially for the SR-2 FUTURA.

It is a composition of a box, which is completely closed and avoid the opening of the doors by locking the turning bolts.

This lock is completely integrated in the body of the vehicle, so that it achieves an extraordinary aesthetics.

Like the other locks, which are produced at our company, this one possess also a blockading system with a security lock which consists of an anti-drill central axis for a tubular key or for a tubular key of seven points. With this, more than five million real combinations are obtained. The key is only removed in locked position.


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Combinable key
Combinable with the keys of other Fremoes products.
Programmable key
Include your brand and company data in this product.
Customizable product
Include your brand and company data in this product.
Stainless steel
Manufactured with stainless steel sourced from the European Union.

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